Why CharacterStrong

Social Emotional Learning and
Character Development in One

Our curricula and trainings are focused on fostering the Whole Child with vertically-aligned lessons that teach SEL and character, side-by-side.

  • SEL Competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making

  • Character Development: Patience, Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Selflessness, Forgiveness, Commitment, Humility

"I have come across three programs in my 30+ year career in education that I knew were imperative for my districts. In the 1980s came TESA (Teacher Expectation Student Achievement), in the early 2000s we found Professional Learning Communities, and today it is CharacterStrong. My staff needed assistance in learning how to navigate social-emotional learning in teaching to the whole child. CharacterStrong hit the mark."

- Bill Motsenbocker, Superintendent

What We Do

We offer comprehensive solutions for effective, sustainable school culture change. Learn more about our social-emotional and character development curricula for grades K-12 and dive in to our wide range of professional and student development packages.

CharacterStrong Educator Conference Educator Training

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CharacterStrong Professional Development Professional Development

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CharacterStrong Digital and Analog Icon SEL Curricula

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CharacterStrong Elementary Toolkit Curriculum Elementary toolkit

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CharacterStrong Leadership Curriculum Leadership Curriculum

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CharacterStrong Training Icon The Gym (Resource Library)

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CharacterStrong Athletic Training CS Athletics

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Holistic Approach to Implementation

With support from Dr. Clayton Cook from the University of Minnesota, we’ve developed a “Proven Process” for successful culture change rooted in behavioral and implementation science. Framed by three phases, our Proven Process is designed to simplify and strengthen the “how to” of infusing SEL and character development into the daily fabric of your school.

CharacterStrong Proven Process - Clarity

1. Clarity

Offering programs to create a common language & shared vision for this work: Educator, Professional, & Athletic Training

CharacterStrong Proven Process Competence

2. Competence

Explicitly & implicitly teaching the behaviors and skills we want to see demonstrated: CS Gym, SEL, & Leadership Curricula

CharacterStrong Proven Process Consistency

3. Consistency

Repetition is the key to fluency & we must make time for ongoing implementation: Fidelity Rubrics, Ongoing Training, & Assemblies

Free Resources

CharacterStrong wants to continuously offer practical, innovative resources to help improve school safety & culture and make implementing social-emotional learning and character education a manageable, effective practice.


CharacterStrong Webinar

Consistent, free webinars that are relevant and practical to provide ongoing support.

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CharacterStrong Podcast

Special guests join the CS Team to talk school culture & leadership.



CharacterStrong CharacterDare

40 weeks of research-backed, practice-based tools for staff.

What's in the curricula?

Each curriculum that CharacterStrong offers is designed by educators, for educators. Relevant, engaging, and easy-to-use

  • Digital and Printable
  • Minimal to No Supplies Needed
  • Plug and Play
  • Projectable Images and Videos
  • Comprehensive Slide Decks
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Join us at Our Trainings

  CS is a transformational program that has made a huge impact in our school, and in my classroom. I have always felt like I had a focus on relationships with my students, but this program takes it to another level.

Dylan Woodward

Enterprise MS, WA
  As a school psychologist, I love how the focus of the educator conference was on RELATIONSHIPS and the importance building relationships has on creating a culture and climate where children (and staff) are SEEN.

Jill Duran

Clovis HS, CA
  Loved every minute, comfortable and uncomfortable. Made new friends and experienced the CharacterStrong climate first hand. This will make me a better teacher, co-worker, wife, mom, and person.

Valayne May

Dallas, TX