Enterprise Middle School: An Award-Winning School Culture

Houston Kraft · June 25, 2019

Enterprise Middle School has, in their own words, gone from “good” to pushing on the door of “great.” Great looks like a lot of things internally at a school like Enterprise: maintaining strong attendance during a big reboundarying year (94%), increased grades, and a huge decrease in referrals (by 76%!). While internal data is good, external validation never hurts: in 2018, after over a year working with CharacterStrong, Enterprise won the Washington State ASCD Whole Child Award.


How have they seen such incredible results? It’s one part clear vision, one part consistent staff development, and many parts purpose. A small team at Enterprise leads the charge to help push the work forward (and we know that this type of teaming is critical to successful implementation!). On a recent webinar, we connected with a few of these key players (a teacher, a counselor, and the principal) to talk about what their thoughtful approach looks like. You can see that webinar (and get a lot of practical, incredible insights) here.

We’ve been so moved by their intentional approach that we’ve tried to capture a piece of their story in the video below. The testimonials from students, staff, and family are an inspiring reminder of what kind of impact focusing on the Whole Child can have across all stakeholders in a building and beyond. Some of our favorite moments in the video include a student describing (and demonstrating) how she has felt empowered to do good in her school and the assistant principal sharing how different this content is from just saying, “Bullying is bad.”

3 Action Steps to Inspire You Today:


Houston Kraft

Houston Kraft is the co-founder of CharacterStrong. He is a professional speaker and kindness advocate who has spoken at over 600 events internationally. Student Body President in High School, Class President at Bowdoin College, Leadership Camp Staff for 14 years in Washington - he is a lifelong learner of character, culture, kindness, and leadership. He was featured in 2019 on BBQ Lays Potato Chips and his mom's lasting life lesson is "Hug like you mean it."