We See You and We Appreciate You

Krista Gypton · November 27, 2019

It’s the time of year where educators everywhere are wondering if they will make it to the winter break. The weather is colder and darker. The paper load is heavier. The sleep seems to come less and less. The students are tired and overwhelmed trying to tie up loose ends so they can leave the fall semester behind them. Walk onto any campus in November and you know exactly what I am talking about. Working in education is hard. 

We want you to know that WE SEE YOU.

We see the long hours you are putting in. We see the extra duties you are taking on. We see you doing the little things to make sure your students are cared for. We see you decorating your classrooms and hallways. We see you attending the holiday band and choir concerts. We see you organizing the food drives and pulling angels off the angel trees in your front offices. We see you hauling large stacks of papers home to grade so your students get their feedback in time.  We see you, and we appreciate you.

hello-i-m-nik-743251-unsplash.jpgFrom our Hearts to Yours: 

If someone hasn’t told you yet this year, this week, or even today how appreciated you are let me take a moment to say thank you for the service you provide students and families every day. You were put on this earth to impact lives in real and positive ways and we see you and appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts! - John Norlin

Thank you for the work you do each day. The work you do is hard, yet the impact you make on a daily basis is hard to match by any other profession. The number of times your name will be mentioned at homes each evening as the highlight of a student’s day matters. The amazing thing is, your name and impact are not only important to your current students, but to all of the students who have been lucky enough to have a seat in your classroom. Remember that on the hard days and remember that as you head to holiday break as many will be mentioning you as the person they are most thankful for. When we ask our five year old each evening what he is thankful for that day, he always mentions his teachers’ names. What a gift they are not only to him, but to us as well. Thank you for choosing to love your students each day. We are grateful for you! - Lindsay Norlin

I get the privilege of working with young people who are shaped by your daily love and effort. I get to see, in the small moments between classes and coursework, how your hand has helped their hearts grow in ways that many of them will never quite understand. Everyone I know has a teacher in their life who influenced their life in a meaningful way - whether through a passion for their subject or patience for their students' pain. You build a world in your classroom and your schools that, for whatever brief period of time, others get to live and grow and learn. Thank you for being the bedrock of our communities and being the number one way that we help change things over time. You are seed planters and care givers and world makers and we can never understand how far your impact extends! - Houston Kraft

Thank you for the positive influence and guidance you have given students so far this year. We know the hard work you take on each day, and we appreciate the difference you are making in the world one student at a time! - Riley Bruil 

You have the most important job in the world! You get to influence young lives every day, which is a tremendous responsibility. I don't take that lightly - I am who I am today because I had teachers that cared and that continued to nudge me in the direction of becoming the best version of me. I am forever grateful to educators that make their life's work all about influencing their students to live a meaningful life. Thank YOU for doing this crucial work every single day, every week, every year! - Mikayla Harmon

Thank you for the important work you do. You’re the most important asset our communities have and we appreciate the long hours and hard work it takes to set your students up for success. The influence you have is felt in ways you may never know, but know that there are students out there who look forward to your class every day and the lessons you teach them will extend further than the few years they will spend in your classroom. It takes so much patience, kindness and empathy to be a teacher and we’re thankful you made the choice to take on that task. - Carrie Miller

It can never get said enough how much we appreciate the incredibly hard work you do every single day. Choosing to get up and speak into the lives of students and other educators. Investing your time, energy, passion and money into something that you often do not see the benefits of for years, if ever. You matter. The work you do matters. Thank you. - Krista Gypton

Thank you for all that you do to support your students. I am endlessly appreciative of the kindness, selflessness, and commitment I’ve received from teachers in their efforts to help me grow not only academically, but also personally. It’s inspiring to have the opportunity to interact with educators on a daily basis and witness their passion to teach and be a positive influence in their school community. You are all so valued! - Julia Payne

They say that the average person influences 80,000 people in their lifetime. How much exponentially greater must that number be for you? Your students will go on to become nurses, mechanics, inventors, researchers, public servants, artists, teachers, and parents, each carrying along with them the lessons you’ve taught as they influence their own 80,000. While you’ll never be able to fully know the impact that you’ve had on this world, my hope for you is that you get more and more glimpses behind the curtain. Thank you for your influence, for your commitment to education, and for making this world a more beautiful place for us all. - Dalton Lemert

Thank you so much for the hundreds of things that you do each day that no one ever sees, the extra help, the time taken, and all of the preparation. You might never see the fruit of your actions but please know that all of it is so important! What you do impacts families, communities, and our world. Thank you for how much you love, care, and support students! - Parker Overturf

Being a teacher is not easy. You voluntarily choose to teach, influence, discipline, care, and mentor young minds every single day. The way you influence the minds and hearts of students on a daily basis allows them to accomplish things they might not have thought they could, or society told them they couldn't. You being a teacher can turn a student’s tears into their biggest triumphs. We are so ever grateful and thankful for all that you do. We cherish You! - Mike Jensen


Krista Gypton

Krista Gypton taught for 19 years and has received numerous awards for her teaching and student community service, including the 2008 Arizona Teacher of the Year Ambassador for Excellence. She is an emphatic believer in the power of service to others and has traveled as far as South Africa with students to give back. She has been a keynote speaker and trainer for the past 11 years, both nationally and internationally.