CharacterStrong Resource Toolkit

Character Strong · February 19, 2020

Let’s face it, we are busy and could use some easy to access tools that would make building relationships in class easier. We have you covered! Here are some resources and book recommendations that can be used to increase engagement, improve relationships, and help supplement and support any CharacterStrong program on your campus. 

Most of these items can be found on Amazon for a decent price and we've linked to those so you can find them easily. We recommend asking your administrator or department head if these could be purchased out of your department or building budget.

30+ Activities That Any Educator Can Lead

Perfect for the start of the school year, as a classroom energizers, or for students to use in their own peer to peer programs. 



Recommended Tools For Hands-On Activities

These tools are used through the CharacterStrong Curricula and would be great to have on hand for any leadership program or classroom who wants to get more hands-on!


The Ultimate Servant-Leadership Reading List

A mix of time-tested works along with more recent research around the topic of servant-leadership.



Character Strong

The CharacterStrong Team is a partnership of educators, speakers, and students who believe in creating sustainable change in schools and helping young people develop the skills of service, kindness, and empathy.