Mindfulness: To Pay Attention on Purpose in a Particular Way

Lyndsay Morris · January 30, 2018



It’s a skill that is simple to do, yet not always easy to practice in our fast-paced culture. However, through this skill of wiring our brain to focus on one thing, while tuning into our internal GPS system, we begin to develop the capacity to observe our thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness is simply the practice of awareness.

When we expand our awareness and kindness for self, we're able to access awareness and kindness for others. Here at Generation Wellness, we blend mindful practices with the latest research in positive psychology, providing educators simple tools and activities that teach peace.

Shawn Achor, a Harvard Researcher, discovered there are 5 simple habits that lead to more happiness:

  1. Gratitude
  2. The Doubler
  3. Exercise
  4. Stillness
  5. Conscious Acts of Kindness

(For more info on his research, check out this awesome TED Talk.)

Therefore, we believe in teaching these “happiness habits” in our schools. This audio relaxation provides time for stillness, while focusing on conscious acts of kindness. Cheers to healthy, happy, whole human beings who positively impact the lives of others!

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Lyndsay Morris

Lyndsay Morris is a whole child education advocate, the founder of Generation Wellness, the host of the Wellness Warriors Show and co-author of The Mindful Student. Lyndsay is committed to “wellness for all” by integrating movement, mindfulness and cutting-edge social/emotional activities that teach the skills needed to thrive in both school and in life. She empowers students, parents and educators to live a life of happiness, health and success through trainings, webinars, virtual mentoring and the Wellness Warrior Community.