The CharacterStrong Podcast

John Norlin · April 9, 2019


We are excited to announce that April 1st we launched the CharacterStrong Podcast, where each week we will be having conversations on School Culture and Leadership. We are firm believers that we need to be reminded more than we need to be taught and our goal is that each week we will provide you reminders from amazing educators and thought leaders around the country who are doing amazing work to create safe, positive, and caring cultures. 

What makes the CharacterStrong Podcast unique is that each episode is approximately 10 minutes in length. We know that busy educators and leaders don’t always have 20-40 minutes to listen in to a longer podcast, so we want to provide this content to you in short, bite-size episodes so that you can listen on your way to or from work, or even while planning for your next class. You might even call it the CharacterStrong Commute! 

We hope that you find the CharacterStrong Podcast a useful ongoing resource that will provide practical strategies and ideas that you can immediately put into action in your daily work or that push you professionally and personally to be even more intentional and impactful. We would love it if you would give it a listen! On iTunes we would be grateful if you subscribe, rate, review, and download a few episodes -- that’s what impacts where we sit on the charts! You can find The CS Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. 

After you listen, let us know if there is someone you think we should interview on the show or if you have an awesome idea or strategy to share connected to school culture and climate, social-emotional learning, character development, or leadership.


John Norlin

John Norlin is a Co-Founder of CharacterStrong, a Servant Leadership trainer, and motivational speaker. He was Washington Advisor of the Year, taught 5 leadership classes per semester for 10 years at Sumner High School, and was a Program Administrator for the Whole Child for five years.