CharacterStrong Gym

A library of social & emotional and character development resources for educators, administrators, students, and families

Video & Activity Libraries

Filter by grade level, group size, time, comfort, and topic to quickly locate a video or activity that sparks meaningful conversation and experiential learning. Use with students, staff, clubs, athletic teams, and more!

Demonstration of sorting functions of the CharacterStrong Gym video library based on user-selected filters
Student Sessions

Follow a group of students having honest conversations about student life. Sessions include a conversational video, slide deck, and images capturing student strategies to better navigate stress and adversity.

Screenshot of a video assembly featuring CharacterStrong's Houston Kraft and a number of students, under the title 'Session 01: Threat vs. Challenge'
Curriculum Virtual Assembly screenshot on a flat-panel monitor frame
Virtual Assemblies
  • Select from a variety of mini keynotes and musical performances on different topics to share inspiration that best meets your class needs
  • Share messages from a wide array of speakers on topics such as respect, humility, and commitment
  • Help students put the concepts into practical action with pre-built reflections and challenges
Downloadable Posters

Create a shared brand and mission with downloadable posters to display throughout the hallways and classroom!

Poster that says 'Make Kindness Normal'
Screenshot of a CharacterDares card from the CharacterStrong Curriculum site - The title of which reads 'The Student Becomes The Master' and shares activity instructions

Discover hundreds of CharacterDares that provide simple ways to put values into action. The CharacterStrong Gym includes collections of CharacterDares for:

  • Educators
  • Students
  • Administrators
  • Families
Restorative Practices

Discover 5 research-backed strategies related to restorative practices that help ensure all students are supported and conflict is managed thoughtfully and equitably on your campus.

The backs of four people embracing one another in brightly-colored jackets, one of whom has a high quality camera around her shoulder
CharacterStrong Gym
  • 100+ videos & activities
  • 5 student sessions
  • 8 virtual assemblies
  • 8 downloadable posters
  • 100+ CharacterDares
  • ...and more!
It's more than a curriculum, it's a culture.
It's more than a curriculum,
it's a culture.