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We update the Gym regularly with the best resources and tools we have found in education. It is a goldmine for administrators, leadership advisors, teachers, counselors, and even parents!

Educator Conference CharacterStrong The Staff CharacterDare

Our well-loved Staff CharacterDare provides over 40-weeks of practical strategies to put a focus on proactive classroom management, character building, and relationship development over the course of a year. Our challenges are a simple, weekly reminder to keep a disciplined, practical focus on the work.

CharacterStrong Staff Dare

Reflection Sheet CharacterStrong 100+ Student CharacterDares

Daily Dares and Reflection Sheets to give practical ways to engage in kindness, forgiveness, honesty, respect, and more. Videos to give context and purpose for the pursuit of character. Tools to keep track of student progress and hold them accountable to continued growth.

CharacterStrong Gym Reflection

CharacterDares CharacterStrong The Family CharacterDare

If we want long-term change, we need to invest in providing tools for our families to be a part of this process with us! Our Family CharacterDares are simple ways to engage our community with low-burden, meaningful ways to practice character in the context of home.

CharacterStrong Family
Why We Do It

A Goldmine of Practical
Activities and Resources

Social-emotional and character resources are everywhere across blogs and books. We’ve put the very best content at educator’s fingertips so that it is easy to find and easy to use. Our CharacterDares mobilize key culture stakeholders into consistent, meaningful action.

CharacterStrong Activity Library

Image description Video Library

Over 100 inspiring and purposeful videos sourced from across the web in an easy-to-use, sortable library that allows you to quickly find videos by grade level, subject area, and length. Each video includes a summary and simple debrief questions to get the conversations flowing.

Image description Activity Library

A searchable database of experiential activities for any grade, group size, or risk level that are tagged by grade, length, academic content area. Find an activity to get students moving or an activity to learn names or an activity to refocus that fits your group and grade.

Image Description

Image description Compliment Creations

Our signature relational activity to practice Kindness and connection with over 100 digital and printable compliment prompts. A daily way to engage in the intentional exercise of Kindness by celebrating others.

Image Description

A Goldmine of Resources!

A digital library with some of the best character building resources and activities on the planet.

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