Transformative High School Social & Emotional Curriculum

9th-12th Grade

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Grade 12 Session 17

Meaningful Improvement in 5 Key Areas

  • Emotion Understanding & Regulation: How We Feel & How We Act
  • Empathy & Compassion: What We Understand & How We Care
  • Values & Purpose: Who We Are & What We Do
  • Goals & Habits: The Dreams We Have & The Actions To Get There
  • Leadership & Teamwork: Developing Agency & Working Together

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CharacterStrong High School

Vertically Aligned & Research Backed

Centered on the research behind belonging, well-being, and engagement, the lessons are vertically-aligned not only within high school but through middle school as well. This makes 6th through 12th grade, district-wide implementation easy and effective.

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100+ Plug & Play Lessons

Designed to cater to multiple learning styles, our curriculum is built for any teacher to be able to click-and-go with little-to-no prep needed. Each lesson plan is a flexible 30 minutes long.

Engaging, Relevant, and Easy-to-Use

We created content, curated resources, gathered research, and combined social-emotional learning and character development in a unique way to optimize your time and impact with your students. Minimal prep. Minimal supplies. Maximum relevance.

CharacterStrong Digital and Analog Online Access

The curriculum can easily be accessed through your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

CharacterStrong Laptop

CharacterStrong Video Icons Strong SEL Skills

Meet the current social & emotional needs of students and prepare them for post-secondary life by teaching stress and coping techniques, self management practices, relationship skills, and more.

Large Group of Students

CharacterStrong Character in Action Built-in Collaboration with Students

Here are some of the students on our 30-student High School Advisory Board who helped ensure the lessons were filled with meaningful conversations and engaging exercises.

High School Advisory Board

Pricing Options

$3999 *Year 1 Pricing

  • 25 Lessons per Grade Level
  • Built-in Virtual Adaptations
  • Pre-made Slide Decks
  • Relevant Videos
  • Vertically-aligned
  • Materials in English & Spanish
$699 annual renewal

Putting CharacterStrong Into Action

Transform your school culture and climate by teaching the Whole Child and promoting positive interactions and relationship skills.

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