Welcome, Families!

At CharacterStrong, we believe that families are students’ first and most important teacher. Our organization works in grades PK-12 to support educators to create effective learning environments. Through things like problem-solving, goal-setting, and character development, we help set students up for life success.

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How do we partner with families?

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What do students and families say?

“I love learning about the character traits and what they mean - especially the songs.”

1st grade

“CharacterStrong gives us a chance to have real conversations about things that matter.”

12th grade

“As a parent, I love the impact CharacterStrong has on my kids. They share what they learn at school and it’s opened up some great conversations for us as a family.”


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What does the research say?

Studies have shown many benefits from learning skills for life success. Benefits from experiencing a program like ours increased:

  • Academic performance
  • Focus & engagement in the classroom
  • Sense of belonging & safety at school
  • Skills that promote social skills & positive character traits
  • Probability of success in the workforce as an adult

(Bywater & Sharples, 2012; Corrales et al., 2016; Lei et al., 2018).

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Family CharacterDare Samples

Our curriculum products include family partnership tools like Family CharacterDares and Family Newsletters. Try a few of our Family CharacterDares this week!