Foundations of Leadership Curriculum

Designed for Grades 6-8

Giving students the tools they need to navigate daily relationships

and positively influence school culture

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  • Over 90, 60-minute lessons
  • Engaging activities, videos, and
  • Topics unique to the experiences
    of a middle school student
  • Entire curriculum accessible online
Enhance School-Wide Social & Emotional Learning

Peer-to-peer role modeling is one of the most effective ways to shape school culture. The Foundations of Leadership curriculum equips a smaller group of students with the skills they need to demonstrate the prosocial behaviors we want to see across our campus.

Student gives a double 'thumbs-up' while more students continue to play a game behind
Your Plan for Introducing Foundations of Leadership
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Foundations of Leadership Curriculum
$999*Year 1 pricing
  • 8 units, totaling over 90 lessons
  • 40-Day CharacterDare challenge
  • Pre-built lesson Packets
  • Engaging activities, videos, and discussions
  • Supply list and scope & sequence included
  • Entirely accessible online

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It's more than a curriculum, it's a culture.
It's more than a curriculum,
it's a culture.