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Implementing MTSS

What is MTSS?

An umbrella image featuring explanations of Integrated Multi-Tiered Systems 
        of Support or MTSS. A three-circle Venn diagram shows circles with Academic, Social Emotional and 
        Behavior with WHOLE CHILD in the center. On the left, Unwavering Focus on Student Outcomes and 
        Continuum of Supports. On the right, Systems that Support Fidelity and Data to Drive Decisions. At the
        bottom: Every Student Getting What They Need to Be Socially, Emotionally, and Academically Well

MTSS is a needs-driven, equity-focused service delivery framework designed to ensure each student receives the experiences and supports they need to be well, engage fully their learning experiences, and acquire and apply critical competencies that enable school and life success.

Ultimately, MTSS is characterized by these three features:


Integrated Approach to MTSS featuring a pyramid. The GREEN bottom, Screening / Tier 1 
                    System of Support for ALL, indicates Universal - All Students, School Wide,
                    Culturally-responsive Systems of Support ( 80 - 90% of students ) of students. 
                    The YELLOW middle, Tier 2 System of Support for SOME, indicates Selected
                    - SOME At-rist Students, Small Group & Individual Strategies ( 10 - 20% of students ). 
                    The RED top, Tier 3 System of Support for a FEW, indicates
                    Targeted Intensive - FEW students, individual interventions ( 3 - 8% of students ).
  • Many students have unmet social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs due to failing to access quality supports.
  • Core MTSS practices have been shown to increase students’ access to effective practices as well as produce better and more equitable academic and social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes for students.
  • More than ever there is a need for schools to unify and integrate all the work they do to provide for a more holistic and comprehensive approach that integrates social, emotional, and behavioral supports with academics.
  • MTSS is grounded in policy (e.g., Every Student Succeeds Act [ESSA]), with over 90% of states have specific policy around the implementation of integrated approaches to MTSS.
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