Advocating For The School Counseling Profession - Allen Hill

Season 05 - Episode 9

Today our guest is Allen Hill School Counselor at Phalen Leadership Academy HS & Indianapolis, Indiana and is the School Counselor Association Executive Director. We talk to Allen about the importance of advocating for the school counseling profession. He shares how we need to talk about what school counselors do and the impact that school counselors can have in the lives of students and families. Allen also talks about how school counselors are needed more than ever and gives examples of how we can support students in real, practical ways. Allen Hill has served as a school counselor in urban and rural settings since receiving a master’s degree from Northern Arizona University-Yuma in 2002. Allen has been active on the Arizona School Counselor Association governing board since 2004 in roles including President, Secondary Vice President, and Advocacy Chair. He is currently serving as Indiana School Counselor Association Executive Director; he has been in this position since 2016. Allen is an active volunteer with the American Red Cross where he works in the Service to Armed Forces division as a trainer and facilitator for Reconnection Workshops.

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