Creating More Safe And Nurturing Learning Environments - Katherine Holden

Season 05 - Episode 5

Today our guest is Katherine Holden, Principal at Talent Middle School, in Talent, Oregon. We talk to Katherine about ways that we can create more safe and nurturing learning environments that are calm, comfortable, and predictable. She talks about how the unpredictability of the last few years has impacted students’ learning and how helping students establish routines and structure is so important, especially in this season. Katherine Holden started teaching at Ashland High School in 2000 where she taught for ten years at the Wilderness Charter School, a school within AHS focused on sustainability, community, and project-based learning. She then moved to Ashland Middle School where she taught video productions for three years before becoming Associate Principal at AMS, a position that Kathrine held for seven years. In 2022 she was named the National Association of Principals National Assistant Principal of the Year.

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