Improve School Climate By Making Defining Moments - Brandon Bakke

Season 05 - Episode 8

Today our guest is Brandon Bakke, the Director of Secondary Education at CharacterStrong. We talk to Brandon about how intentionally making defining moments can improve the climate in our schools. He gives some practical examples of everyday events that we can elevate as we interact with students and staff. Brandon also shares 3 strategies that we can put in practice as we begin to think in moments, and he shares one way that a specific yearly milestone can be turned into a more memorable moment. Brandon Bakke is the Director of Secondary Education for CharacterStrong. Brandon has 27 years of experience serving in secondary education, a career that has spanned six different high schools in four different school districts in two different states. Brandon has been a high school administrator for 20 years, and his work building culture and climate in schools has been featured on the CharacterStrong podcast and blog, as well as in Washington Principal Magazine.

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