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Your Tier 2 Solution in ONE Platform

A Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use System to Meet Student Needs

The CharacterStrong Tier 2 (CST2) Solution Includes:

  • Elementary, Middle, or High School Level Curricula. Choose from:
    • 80 Lessons K-5 (40 K-2, 40 3-5)
    • 40 Lessons 6-8
    • 40 Lessons 9-12
  • 6 Evidence-Based Interventions
  • Screening and Intervention Matching Tool
  • Progress Monitoring and Intervention Fidelity Tools
  • Monthly Professional Learning & Coaching Access
  • Library of On Demand Training and Resources
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Schools feel overwhelmed and outmatched
to meet the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students.

If you don't have a plan...

  • Students’ unmet needs will interfere with academic success
  • Schools will continue to spin their wheels attempting to implement dozens of fragmented solutions
  • Educators will burn out

And that leads to always feeling like what you’re doing is not enough.

We don’t want that for you. CharacterStrong’s Tier 2 Team has partnered with schools over the past decade to figure out a Tier 2 system that meets the needs of students by providing educators the practical tools and training they need to be successful, all in one easy-to-access place.

CST2 Includes an Adaptive Curriculum that Targets Instruction to the Precise Skills Students Need

Each Curriculum K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 includes lessons focused on the 4 components…

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1. Coping
Internalizing Emotions
Internalizing Emotions

Teaching students emotion regulation skills to respond to situations that cause strong internalizing emotions, like sadness, worry, and stress, to feel calmer and more skilled to make helpful choices.

2. Regulation
Externalizing Emotions
Externalizing Emotions

Teaching students emotion regulation skills to respond to situations that cause strong externalizing emotions, like anger, frustration, and impatience, to feel calmer and more skilled to make helpful choices.

3. Relationships
Social Skills
Social Skills

Teach students social skills to establish, maintain, and restore relationships with others and resolve conflicts productively.

4. Self Management
Executive Functioning
Executive Functioning

Teach students executive functioning and organizational skills to regulate attention, exercise impulse control, and organize time, materials, and tasks.

What to Expect

Small Group Lessons

8 small group lessons & 2 individual coaching sessions that support students to acquire and apply knowledge and skills

Mentor-based Support

School mentor who checks in and out with the student to encourage and motivate the student apply knowledge and skills beyond the lessons in school

Family and Home Resources

Resources that allow families to learn alongside their student to support the use of knowledge and skills beyond the lessons outside of school

Educator Professional Learning

Each month Tier 2 Training will be provided to all users, topics include:

  • Getting the Right Intervention in Place - How to Match Tier 2 Interventions
  • How do you rule in or rule out who needs Tier 2 Supports? (Triage Training)
  • Monitoring Intervention Effectiveness
  • Getting at the Root Cause of Student Behavior

Evidence-Based Interventions

6 evidence-based interventions educators implement to encourage, support and motivate students to apply the knowledge and skills they possess

Decision Making Tools

Tools to universally screen to detect students who need additional support, rule-in or rule-out students who need Tier 2 support, and to match students to precise interventions, decision tree to rule-in or rule out

CST2 Process


Detect and Triage

Goal of Step 1: Proactively detect students who may have a need for support and determine the based on needs and resources.
Tools provided to support Step 1:
  • Comprehensive Step 1 Guide that outlines data detection tools, administration timelines, developing capacity rates, and meeting agendas
  • Strengths and Needs Screener (completed by educator)
  • Youth Needs Screener (completed by youth)
  • Screener Administration and Training Deck
  • Structured Student Nomination Form
  • Family Notification Letters (Active and Passive Consent)


Define, Analyze, and Select

Goal of Step 2: Identify and define the need and analyze why the student’s need exists using a root cause analysis
Tools provided to support Step 2:
  • Intervention Planning and Monitoring Tool (or Guide) - warehouse student intervention data from start to finish
  • CST2 Precision Tool - Use the Acquisition vs Performance Paradigm to select an intervention
  • Menu of Interventions - Acquisition and Performance-based Interventions
  • Access to Acquisition and Performance Interventions


Develop a Plan

Goal of Step 3: Select a precise support and develop a plan to increase likelihood of delivery the support with fidelity
Tools provided to support Step 3:
  • Intervention Planning Template
  • Fidelity Tools that outline Core Components of the Interventions
  • Menu of Direct Behavior Ratings for collecting baseline data
  • Intervention Implementation Scripts and Training Modules


Implement and Monitor Progress

Goal of Step 4: Gather baseline data, set goals, start the intervention and monitor both the student response to the intervention and intervention fidelity
Tools provided to support Step 4:
  • Direct Behavior Ratings to track student response
  • Intervention Fidelity Tools to track fidelity of core component delivery


Review and Decide

Goal of Step 5: As a team, meet to review data and make a decision as to the next step to continue to support the student
Tools provided to support Step 5:
  • Decision Making Matrix
  • Suggested Next Steps
CharacterStrong Tier 2


  • Ongoing monthly trainings and support
  • Intervention Matching Tools
  • Slide Decks for each Lesson
  • Early Access
  • 24 hours of Professional Development
    • Live Monthly Virtual Training (60 min)
    • Quarterly Deep Dive Virtual Training (3 hr)
    • Coaching Support through Live Q&A and Q&A Resource Page
  • Elementary, Middle, or High School Level Curricula. Choose from:
    • 80 Lessons K-5; 40 K-2, 40 3-5
    • 40 Lessons 6-8
    • 40 Lessons 9-12

Annual Renewal (per grade band)