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Taking Professional Development Back

Do you want thoughtful, quality professional development that is bit-sized, digital, and digestible? Are you frustrated by PD that comes and goes and lacks any resources to help it “stick?”

The CharacterStrong On Demand Virtual Professional Development package includes 7 courses and over 50 modules of learning. In partnership with Dr. Clayton Cook, we are excited to launch On Demand Virtual Professional Development courses for schools. Schools will be able to provide high-quality professional development to their certified and classified staff from experts on numerous topics. Current courses include:

  • Stress, Coping, and Resilience: Cultivating Socially & Emotionally Healthy Educators (11 Modules)
  • Thinking Functionally about Student Behavior (8 Modules)
  • Establish, Maintain, Restore Relationships (5 Modules)
  • Responding to Student Problem Behavior with Empathy (6 Modules)
  • Creating Safe and Nurturing Learning Environments (3 Modules)
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (4 Modules)
  • Trauma Informed (2 Modules)
  • Science of Implementation (2 Modules)
  • CharacterStrong Culture Year 1 Model (11 Modules)

Are you frustrated by PD that comes and goes and lacks any resources to help it “stick?”

“ All the materials are there for you, you can work systematically through the lessons, or pick and choose the ones that we need to be reminded of at that time. Since it’s all digital, it allows for the opportunity to stop the video, and have an authentic whole group conversation about what that looks like in our school, and how we are currently interpreting the language. The videos allow for reminders to be delivered throughout the year, and to a larger audience than I could support with just our professional learning budget. The work of changing a school culture is long, and if it isn’t one that you are purposefully designing, you can land in places where the behaviors that are the norm are not the ones that you want or expect. ”

- Alicia Jensen, Elementary Principal, Orting School District

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Professional Development at your fingertips

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Navigate to the PD course of your choice, press play and absorb.

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Worksheets for each section allows for engaged learning and long-term retention.

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For each course, enjoy extra resources and documents to deepen your learning.

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7 courses and over 50 modules of learning for any certificated and classified staff.

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This will be some of the best, most practical PD your staff has ever had.

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