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Ethan Zohn

Kindness is Intentional

For Ethan Zohn, winning CBS’s SURVIVOR: Africa was the springboard to an exceptional young life of entrepreneurship, social purpose and advocacy. It was also the prelude to an incredible story, one of perseverance, accomplishment, and enduring spirit in the face of once unthinkable challenges. By sharing that story, Ethan inspires countless others around the globe. His message for young people, academia and the corporate community alike emphasizes character, resiliency, service, kindness and turning challenges into strengths. A fit, active, 35-year-old former professional soccer player who had traveled the world on behalf of the international health community through his foundation, Grassroot Soccer, Ethan became an unlikely face of cancer. Diagnosed not once but twice with CD20+ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the span of several years, Ethan endured years of aggressive treatment, including two stem cell transplants. Never losing optimism, spirit, or humor despite extraordinary rigors and setbacks, Ethan used his journey and considerable platform to connect with others – young adults in particular – and offer much-needed inspiration, advice, and comfort. As demonstrated by his charitable work with various global and domestic health and wellness organizations, and community involvement, Ethan believes that a better and healthier world can be achieved by living with strong values. His inspiration to help heal the world stems from being taught at an early age the importance of kindness, community and a connection to social goodness. Ethan is a recognizable face that delivers deeply felt, meaningful lessons on character, kindess, personal strength, and giving back, all which he developed long before his battles with cancer. With his remarkable combination of humor and honesty, Ethan offers keynotes that inspire others to answer life’s opportunities with strength and the conviction to never let a crisis to go to waste. Programs & Speaking Topics: Cancer Mental Health/Anxiety Sport for Social Good Motivation & Inspiration Service Learning Character Development Social Entrepreneurship Jewish Leadership and Values Preservation of Israel HIV/AIDS. Speaking Price: $5,000 inclusive of travel