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Kemy Joseph

Kindness is Creative

Kemy is a world class speaker, educator and entertainer. He’s been described as a joy master and renaissance man. Once you meet him, you’ll see how full of life he truly is. Kemy's mission is to help people embrace their voice as a force for change. In assemblies he combines spoken word, freestyle rap, comedy and storytelling to create a unique gift of empathic entertainment that CAPTIVATES students. He’ll even write custom spoken word pieces or songs based on your assembly themes/objectives to give your school a once in a lifetime experience that “makes kindness cool” and boosts buy-in for your climate initiatives! People from all walks of life relate to Kemy because of his vast experiences. Over the last decade, he has served as leader in several schools, nonprofits, and businesses nationwide. He’s also worked with 13 Nobel Peace Prize winners to inspire global equity. This is even more impressive because of his painful upbringing. Growing up as a 1st generation Haitian-American in a single-parent household with 9 siblings taught Kemy a lot about social inequities and hardship. From being expelled at 8 years old to losing his father at 13 to being diagnosed as temporarily handicapped at 27, the limitations he’s faced taught him a great deal about being resilient and kind even when facing harsh adversities. Healing his traumas motivates Kemy to help others turn their pain into power as well. To use their limitations as invitations for creativity. Their obstacles as opportunities to do things differently. Their negative emotions as fuel for positive change. Speaking Price: $3500 inclusive of travel. Covers a combination of 1-3 Assemblies and a Student Workshop.