Wednesday, December 11, 2019   3:30 pm PST

How Teacher Mastermind Groups Can Transform Teaching & Learning

The work of today’s teachers is complex and all-consuming.  We are often pressed for time, stretched thin, and isolated from the colleagues who can inspire and motivate us.  The demands of the job make collaboration and maintaining our passion a challenge.  With one very simple move, you can change all of that.  Mastermind groups are small groups of teachers who meet regularly to share ideas, chew on problems of practice, brainstorm and support each other’s wildest teaching dreams.  In this webinar, Rebecca will share her transformative experiences running her district’s groups.  You’ll learn what a mastermind group is, what it isn’t, how to start one on your campus and about the amazing projects and changes that have come out of the schools she works with.  We hope you’ll join us for a fast, fun, informative and inspiring hour.  


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