Wednesday, January 8, 2020   1:30 pm PST

Temperature Check Implementation Guide

The Temperature Check is the intentional practice of proactively checking in with your students at least once per week as a way of giving students a voice by enabling them to share how they are doing and what they are thinking about their experiences in class. Join veteran teacher and CharacterStrong presenter Bryan Slater as he shares how he successfully implements this relationship building strategy into his weekly routine and answers any questions you might have to get started. 



Krista Gypton

Krista Gypton taught for 19 years and has received numerous awards for her teaching and student community service, including the 2008 Arizona Teacher of the Year Ambassador for Excellence.

Bryan Slater

Bryan Slater is an experienced classroom teacher who has taught high school Social Studies in Tacoma, WA, Lagos, Nigeria, and Sumner, WA since 2002