Monday, August 31, 2020   2:00 pm PDT

On Demand Equity Course

CharacterStrong is excited to partner with the highly acclaimed lifetime educator, Erin Jones, to bring you a series of courses designed to help you and your staff develop an equity lens. Work to dismantle systems that are creating roadblocks for BIPOC students. As well as tools to support the hard conversations that we need to be having on campuses everywhere.



Erin Jones

Erin received an award as the Most Innovative Foreign Language Teacher in 2007, while working at Stewart Middle School in Tacoma and was the Washington State Milken Educator of the Year in 2008, while teaching at Rogers High School in Spokane.

John Norlin

John Norlin is a Co-Founder of CharacterStrong, a Servant Leadership trainer, and motivational speaker. He was Advisor of the Year, taught 5 leadership classes per semester for 10 years at Sumner High, and was an Administrator for the Whole Child.