Adult SEL Series: Effective Strategies for Fueling Your Work with Purpose

Purpose, Meaning, Values, your Why – we all know and research shows that staying in touch with what really matters to you powers up your resilience and be the educator (and family member, friend, neighbor etc.) that you really want to be. This webinar will help you connect with your values and purpose but more importantly will help you learn concrete strategies to ensure you don’t lose that connection in the hecticness of daily life. We will cover evidence-based tools to set clear goals, manage emotions and thoughts that can lead you astray, and make following through on your values-driven and goal directed actions easier.

Wednesday Sep 30, 2020

1 hour

4:00pm PDT

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Dr. Brian Smith

Content Research & Development Dr. Smith was an elementary school counselor, and middle and high school social worker before getting his PhD at the University of Washington. His studies focused on the science behind school-based Social Emotional Learning programs.