Wednesday, November 4, 2020   4:00 pm PST

Adult SEL Series: The Power of Relationships and Social Support

Did you know that being lonely can be worse for your health than smoking cigarettes? That social pain is experienced in the same part of the brain as physical pain? Humans are social beings – hardwired to connect. It’s easy to lose sight of this in a culture that often pushes us to be ‘rugged individuals’. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it harder to stay connected and keep relationships strong. But it's also an especially important time for social connection and social support – both for us and our students. Learn about how reaching out to others in times of stress can increase hormones and neurochemicals that build social bonds while giving you strength and courage. You’ll also learn an effective method and get tips for how to connect with your students even during distance learning.



Dr. Brian Smith

Dr. Smith was an elementary school counselor, and middle and high school social worker before getting his PhD at the University of Washington. His studies focused on the science behind school-based Social Emotional Learning programs.