Wednesday, November 18, 2020   4:00 pm PST

Adult SEL Series: SEL and Equity

Most social emotional learning curricula were simply not designed with equity in mind. In fact, the SEL field has come under some pretty strong criticism for not adequately addressing equity or perhaps even being a tool for increasing inequities. In this webinar we’ll examine equity-based critiques of SEL and talk about ways SEL can potentially be used to harm BIPOC students. We’ll also explore how SEL done right can be a force for promoting equity and social justice and what that means in the school context. Learn how your SEL efforts can help both educators and students work effectively to increase equity in our schools. 



Dr. Brian Smith

Dr. Smith was an elementary school counselor, and middle and high school social worker before getting his PhD at the University of Washington. His studies focused on the science behind school-based Social Emotional Learning programs.