Monday, November 23, 2020   4:00 pm PST

Moving Inclusion Forward


1 in 5 people experience some form of disability. The range of impact of the disability varies greatly from person to person, and each individual’s experience with a disability is unique. Too often, the largest impact on a person’s experience is other people’s perception of their capabilities. Over time, community expectations are shaped by past practice, socialization from curricula and media, and personal exposure. Educators have the unique opportunity to redefine the way we see and serve each student, defined by what they can do, rather than what they cannot. Amy brings a passion for innovation and inclusion that promises to help you shine a light on what you are already doing that works and where we can make changes that will improve outcomes for all learners and build stronger classroom communities.


Amy Campbell

Amy does not live in a world of deficits. She lives and teaches a world of possibilities, potential, and opportunities. Amy's broad knowledge of state services and agencies enables her to connect families with outside supports.