5 Low-Burden, High-Impact Strategies for Positive School Culture

We will cover 5 practices that are easy to implement by staff that result in positive impacts on the overall culture of your school. You don't want to miss this practical training!

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Gerald McGaughey


Gerald McGaughey, an Elementary Specialist for CharacterStrong, is well-versed in the education field. With 10 years of experience as a math teacher, coach, and mentor, his focus has always been on having a positive impact on his students. Gerald has taught all elementary grade levels and developed a strong passion for SEL.

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Meredith Lee


Meredith has worked in education for ten years, first as a classroom teacher and then as an instructional coach where she discovered a passion for working with teachers. She believes that teachers are the center of the magic of what happens in classrooms and has conducted many professional learning opportunities for and alongside educators that aim to make classrooms safe, loving, and democratic spaces for growth. Meredith now serves as the Professional Learning Specialist for CharacterStrong.

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