Proven Tier 1 Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

Tier 1 is the foundation and getting it right is pivotal for student success. Tier 1 represents the experiences and support that each and every student receives. We will discuss the research-based ingredients that combine to create a comprehensive Tier 1 system of support for all students that increases engagement and optimizes student outcomes.

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Halli Roussell


Halli Roussell is a Secondary Specialist at CharacterStrong. Based in Oregon, she has worked in education for 8 years. Before joining our team, she was a middle school educator, teaching sixth grade science, zoology and food science. Her forte includes building student relationships and elevating and amplifying diverse voices within the classroom.

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Gerald McGaughey


Gerald McGaughey, an Elementary Specialist for CharacterStrong, is well-versed in the education field. With 10 years of experience as a math teacher, coach, and mentor, his focus has always been on having a positive impact on his students. Gerald has taught all elementary grade levels and developed a strong passion for SEL.

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